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What I recommend for supplies!

Cages or Hutches

Midwest Wabbitat (XL)

Any of the Aivituvin Hutches


Carefresh Bedding 50L

I recommend white so you can tell if their pee looks off in color easy

Kaytee Clean and Cozy (unscented)

Premium Fine Shavings from Tractor Supply

*Only use if the rabbits are on wire and not sitting in the shavings*

(If rabbits eat pine shavings they can develop a liver disease over time)


Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe 17

(Our choice of feed)

Each bunny will come with a ziplock bag of this feed

Young and Adult Feed

Kaytee Supreme (Top Rated food)

Young and Adult Feed

Water Supply

Lixit Lever Valve Top Fill No Drip Water Bottle (32 oz)

Kaytee Bowl

Can be used for food too


Kaytee High Corner Litter Pan

Oxbow Essentials

Young rabbit food fed until 1 year old then switch the Adult rabbit food

Alfalfa hay until 6 months old then transition over to Timothy hay

I recommend Dumor Alfalfa Hay in bags from Tractor Supply

2nd cut bales from Eastern Hay and Grain out of Pawling, NY - 1 bale should last about 2-4 months with one rabbit and about 2-4 bales will last from October to May (many places don't always have hay over the winter because farms will buy it all around Oct/Nov)

Ware Hay Ball

Kaytee Woven Carrot Toy

Kaytee Knot Nibbler

Our Team
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