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Our Adoption Policy

- If under 18 you need a parent/guardian to be present at pickup and they must fill out forms and make the deposit

- Our pricing and deposit information is located on the available bunny tab. Pricing varies depending on color and gender, specific pricing will be listed under each individual rabbit.

- Deposits are non-refundable and 50% of the total price within 12 hours of reserving and the rest can be paid the day before pick up

- We do not fully reserve until we know gender unless no one on the waitlist has a specific gender preference

- Our rabbits are healthy to the best of our knowledge since the parents see a veterinarian and should something happen to your rabbit after 24 hours out of our care we cannot be held responsible.

- We can tell gender between 2-6 weeks depending on breed (We can make mistakes though, even vets have a hard time telling gender when the bunnies are little). We will continue to check but please know that we do occasionally make mistakes.

- We try to send pictures at least once a week of your bunny so you can see them grow like we do!

- Bunnies can leave at 8 weeks of age, no earlier.

- Feel free to contact us whenever with any questions or updates on how your bunny is doing!

- If you are happy with your bunny please leave a review with a picture of your new bunny on our Facebook page to help with credibility!

- If you need to re-home your rabbit for any reason please contact us before doing so there will be no refund.

Waitlist Information

- We have a paid and unpaid waitlist. What this means is we prioritize paid when litters are born and contact in order of our waitlist. After everyone has been contacted our unpaid waitlist will be contacted if there are still babies available

- The deposit must be placed within 24 hours of contact to secure the spot you were told you would have. $50 non-refundable deposit per rabbit without a pedigree and $60 non-refundable deposit per rabbit with pedigree

- We will reach out when litters are born. Specifics of how the waitlist looks will be explained when we are contacted

- If you are on the waitlist and wish to be taken off please let us know!

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